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Welcome to Quintin Oakes Builders Ltd.

We provide dairy parlour, farm building and residential building services with professionalism and high quality workmanship.

With a focus on dairy based construction and other farm buildings, the dairy parlour builders at Quintin Oakes in Taranaki also have expert experience in residential construction and renovation. We can deliver the whole package when it comes to your farm building needs.

01.about us

Established in 2001, Quintin Oakes is a family run business that has been designing and constructing dairy parlours and other farm buildings for dairies in Taranaki for over 10 years.
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02.rotary parlour

Designed to integrate easily with new milking technologies, Rotary parlours are fast becoming the preferred model of milking parlour for larger herds.
At Quintin Oakes Builders we have the experience to adapt and customise the Rotary parlour model so that it is built to seamlessly fit in with your existing milking procedures. Our designs are aimed at optimising milking efficiency and maximising milking capacity.
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03.herringbone parlour

Traditionally the more popular model in New Zealand, Herringbone parlours are perfect for smaller herds.
The beauty of Herringbone parlours is their flexibility and how they can be easily extended and adapted for growth in your herd size and dairy operation. At Quintin Oakes we can build a Herringbone parlour that will allow for growth, maximise productivity and add value to your dairy operation.
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04.residential building

We don’t just build milking parlours and farm buildings at Quintin Oakes – we also have years of expert residential building and renovating experience.
From bathroom renovations to kitchen re-installs to the design and construction of a whole new home or cottage for the homestead, our professional and qualified builders can take care of all your residential building needs – with skill and first class workmanship.
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we are Competent In Our Service

Quintin Oakes Builders Ltd. not only specialises in milking parlours and farm buildings – we also have years of professional experience in residential construction.

Rotary Parlours

Quintin Oakes Builders have the experience to adapt the Rotary parlour model so that it fits seamlessly into your existing dairy operations – making it as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be.

Herringbone Parlours

At Quintin Oakes Builders, we give advice and then customise a Herringbone parlour for your dairy operation that allows the flexibility for growth, and is designed to enhance and seamlessly integrate with your dairy operations – so that you maximise your milking capacity.

Residential Buildings

Our years of experience in the building industry allow us to offer professional building services for all your residential building needs.

providing personalised and high quality services

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With skill and class workmanship

Make your building project a wish come true with Quintin Oakes Builders Ltd.

Dave & Sue Roxbroughs new shed


This new rotary shed, has been built on a completely new site as the farm has grown. This Chapman dairy design is a 40 Bail rotary and has an automated drafting system. The milking plant is a de Laval and the platform installed by Hotters engineering from Eltham. This fine shed has an office, vet […]

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Herringbone Cow Shed


The shed is a  36 aside Herringbone and was built in 2014, the plant was installed by Dairy Master. The shed has a full feeding system, with a grain silo on site.

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Tim and Sandy Howard – Renovation

Residential Building

Tim & Sandie wanted a more open plan living, larger Garage and a bedroom that had a nice large walk in wardrobe and en suite. Fully relined, new electrical and plumbing, this renovation has turned this house into a modern home. All exterior area has been plastered and painted with a new outdoor BBQ area. […]

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Graham & Vanda Robinson Cow shed


This new 60 Bail rotary is one of the biggest Rotary’s we have done. With an separate office kitchen area, huge storage facilitys.The large fold down vet platform making Herd testing and animal matience a breeze.Moa Milking of Inglewood had a large influence in supplying and installing the plant and platform. With the latest protract […]

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Quintin Oakes Builders Ltd. is proud of its clients’ feedback.

05 Jun, 2015

T&V Gibson Limited, Tom Gibson

“I am happy to recommend Quintin Oakes Builders Ltd. to any customer for excellent workmanship and diligence.”

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13 Apr, 2015

Dave Roxburgh & Sue Huston

“We can’t recommend Quintin Oakes Building team highly enough, we are very pleased with the end result.”

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