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Herringbone Parlours

Herring Bone parlours have been traditionally used by New Zealand farmers for many years, and are more common than the Rotary parlors. The Herringbone model is generally the more effective choice for smaller herds of about 300-400 cows – although many larger herds are still milked using Herringbone parlour milking sheds here in New Zealand, and in other parts of the world.

Herringbone parlours can be constructed to accommodate from between 6 and 40 a-side units. Their advantage is that they are less expensive and more flexible than Rotary parlours – and can be easily extended and adapted for growth in your herd size and dairy operation.

At Quintin Oakes Builders, we have the experience to give advice and then customise a Herringbone parlour for your dairy operation that allows the flexibility for growth, and is designed to enhance and seamlessly integrate with your dairy operations – so that you maximise your milking capacity.

Contact the professionals at Quintin Oakes Builders to find out how our experience with building Herringbone parlours and other farm buildings can add value to your dairy operation.

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