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Barry & Sue Knowles Cow shed

Beaconsfield Rd, Stratford

Barry & Sues new cow shed is a 50 Bail rotary. It comes with a full service under pass for easy access for the plant installers. It has a fully fold down vet platform and work area. The external silo is good for the extra feed supplement. To one side it has holding pens with a new protract system for easy drafting. This shed has 1 x office, 1 x pump room, and 1 x washroom and 1 x internal toilet. The Platform was installed by Hotters engineering and the plant installed by central milking and pumping.

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Barry & Sue Knowles Cow shed


Barry & Sue Knowles


Beaconsfield Rd, Stratford


50 Bail Rotary Silo feeding system Vet Platform Protract Drafting system Service underpass Internal Toilet Washroom Platform installed by Hotters engineering Plant installed by central pumping and Milking Yard pipe work installed and supplied by JD engineering.

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Stratford, New Zealand

In the heart of Taranaki